SAVING FOR RETIREMENT. It’s all about having a plan.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is to take this journey one step at a time. Small steps can make big dreams come true – just take one step at a time without faltering.

Set your financial goals

In step 1 we help you to set realistic financial goals. This may not be easy, but it is the first step towards helping you save money.

  • Write your financial goals down in this booklet.
  • Here we help you to identify the important things to save for.
  • Knowing what you are saving for makes it so much easier.

Keep a spending diary

In step 2 you will find out exactly where you are spending (and squandering) your money. The results may be surprising.

  • Fill in your spending diary regularly to see your spending patterns.
  • This is a positive step to achieving some of your long-term goals.
  • You need to start right now and record every cent that you spend.

Create a Monthly Budget

In step 3 we help you create a realistic budget. A budget will help you save, shrink debt and take charge of your money.

  • By using your spending diary, you will be able to create a budget.
  • You will see where you can spend less and save more.
  • A budget is an effective way to take control of your money.
Create a Monthly Budget

Shrink your Debt

In step 4 you will start to get rid of debt and pay off the money you owe. Let’s be honest, all debt is expensive.

  • A bond secures your home ownership and is probably the only acceptable debt that you should have.
  • Debt is really just owning something now that you can’t afford. And of course, you pay a penalty for it in the form of interest.


In step 5 we show you how to invest your spare money and what you can do with it to save towards your retirement.

  • We will give you tips on saving and wealth creation.
  • By now, you will be reaping the rewards of budgeting properly and shrinking your debt.