When I Die

‘When I Die’ Workbook

When you pass away there will be many things that need to be taken care of.

This work sheet will help those left behind to close off your estate.

Save this interactive PDF on your computer so that you can:

  • Complete and save your ‘When I Die’ workbook.
  • Update and change it.
  • Email your completed ‘When I Die’ workbook to someone.
  • Print out a copy for your records.

Download the INTERACTIVE PDF.   You can fill out this form and save it on your computer.

Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament

What happens to your assets when you die?

Your Last Will and Testament allows you to decide on who should be the beneficiaries of your estate when you die. Your estate consists of all your assets (your belongings and property) and liabilities (your debts) which you will have at the date of your death. In your will, you can also appoint a person to administer your estate.

Print out and complete this last will and testament. It will let everyone know what should be done with your assets when you die.

Download the PDF

Living Will

Living Will

What happens when you are dying and unable to communicate?

A Living Will is a declaration or an advance directive which will represent a patient’s wish to refuse any medical treatment and attention in the form of being kept alive by artificial means when the patient may no longer be able to competently express a view.

Download the PDF

Beneficiary Nomination

Nomination of Beneficiary



Group Life Assurance (GLA) Benefits

Who receives my Group Life Assurance (GLA) benefits if I die while working at Woolworths? Every month you contribute 0.87% of your salary to Group Life Assurance. This scheme pays out a lump sum equal to twice your annual pensionable salary in the event of your death. The payment is tax free.

Pension Fund Credit

If you are single and have no financial dependants, the Trustees may take the Nomination of Beneficiary form into account when allocating your Woolworths Group Retirement Fund Death Benefits.
Your Pension Fund Credit is made up of your total Fund Credit (all your money saved in the pension fund) and 4 times your annual pensionable salary (70% of your TcoE for TcoE employees).

Please complete this form

You must complete a Nomination of Beneficiary form and tell us who to pay and what percentage to pay. This is entirely in your hands and it is vital that your form is always up to date.

It is important to update this form after any of the following events:

  • You get married or divorced.
  • Birth of a child.
  • Death of a beneficiary.

Death-In-Service Nomination

Death-In-Service Nomination

Who will take care of my funeral expenses if I die while still working?

In the unfortunate event that you should pass away while employed by Woolworths, your selected nominees will receive your funeral benefit. Your funeral benefit is intended to be used towards your funeral expenses. To nominate beneficiaries to receive your funeral benefit, please complete this form.

Download the PDF