If I Die


'If I Die' Workbook

When you pass away there will be many things that need to be taken care of.

This work sheet will help those left behind to close off your estate. Save this interactive PDF on your computer so that you can:
  • Complete and save your 'If I Die' workbook.
  • Update and change it.
  • Email your completed 'If I Die' workbook to someone.
  • Print out a copy for your records.
You can complete this workbook online and save or share it.

Nomination of Beneficiary Form

If you die while working for Woolworths, the death benefits that are payable to your beneficiaries are investigated and distributed by the Board of Trustees. This is governed by the section 37C of the Pension Funds Act. Fund benefits do not form part of your estate and are therefore not distributed according to your will. When dealing with the payment of your death benefits, you as the member do not necessarily have the final say.

Nominating your beneficiaries

It is most important that you keep your Nomination of Beneficiary Form current and up-to-date. You must update your Beneficiary Nomination Form whenever your personal circumstances change.

For example:

  • If you get married
  • If you get divorced
  • If you have a child
  • If a dependent family member dies, etc.
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Last Will and Testament

What happens to your assets when you die?

Your Last Will and Testament allows you to decide on who the beneficiaries of your estate should be when you die. It lets everyone know what should be done with your assets and liabilities. In your Will, you will appoint an executor to be responsible for administering your estate when you die.

Print out and complete this Last Will and Testament.

Download the PDF

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Living Will

What happens when you are dying and unable to communicate?

A Living Will is a declaration or an advance directive which will represent a patient’s wish to refuse any medical treatment and attention in the form of being kept alive by artificial means when the patient may no longer be able to competently express a view.

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