Member Newsletter 2021 Q1

Member Newsletter

Quarter 1 • 2021

The economy has been impacted by the pandemic and this has most likely affected your own personal circumstances. Now is a good time to take a fresh look at your financial situation and make sure that you are still on track for retirement. In this newsletter are some great tips on how to navigate the pandemic by creating some good money habits. Remember – it is really important to consult with a certified financial advisor. They can help you plan for your future and avoid making expensive mistakes.

In This Newsletter:

REMAIN INVESTED! Always think long term

LAST YEAR TOOK us through a whirlwind of change and 2021 is expected to be the same.
Sometimes change, brought on by fear or financial pressure, leads us into making impulsive or harmful financial decisions.

Your money is important to you and this may cause hasty reactions if you feel that your savings are being threatened. Your instinct to protect your savings can make you react impulsively, which can be detrimental in the long term.

Throughout 2020, there was heightened volatility in the financial markets. At times like these it is very important to focus on the long-term picture, which can easily be overshadowed by short-term noise.

The importance of remaining invested

When faced with any sort of adversity, do not abandon your long-term financial strategy.

Maintain your contributions to your retirement fund and stay invested.

The long-term investment approach is there for a reason. It reminds you not to make impulsive decisions when you are under pressure. It ensures that your decisions are aligned with your financial goals and the kind of retirement you aim to achieve.

  • Retirement is all about focusing on your long-term financial goals.
  • It means staying invested for the long haul. Never be tempted to withdraw your savings.
Your future is long term

When investing your retirement savings, the time spent invested in the market is most critical.

If you apply the power of compound interest, to your long-term savings, your wealth will grow exponentially. This means that your chances of retiring comfortably are much better.